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Daily informed aluminum price000000-00-0-0-0-04540Yuan / Tons


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    Aluminium profile

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    Aluminium profile

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About us

Qingyuan new and aluminum co., LTD was formally established in guangdong2017Years,Is located in qingyuan city, guangdong province, qing city ShiJiao Town。The project total investment12One hundred million yuan,Covers an area of300m,Total building area110000m2,A year after the completion of the project production of aluminum10Ten thousand tons, Aluminum template15Square。

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    Company products sell well all over the world,“Guangdong”The brand is symbol as the symbol of high quality aluminum,The company's products in addition to meet the domestic market,Also exported to North America、Europe、Japan、Singapore、The Hong Kong SAR, etc. All over the country,After ten years of development,Now in the country belong to one of the larger manufacturers in the industry。No matter how the market changes,Customer requirements for product quality is eternal,Companies in the pursuit of product quality is the eternal。 To view more +
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Product center

New cantonese and aluminum fully use the existing new Asia and new production company funds and resources,Choose the lastest technology and new type of extrusion、Vertical spraying、Automatic line oxidation electrophoresis、The overseas import processing cutting and punching machine and other equipment,And reference the most perfect7SManagement system。

Engineering cases

Company products are widely used in industry、LEDIndustry、The solar industry、The transportation industry、Aerospace、Electronic communications technology、Indoor and outdoor decoration industry、And other fields。


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Completed environmental protection facilities